The library operates with different types of objects:

  • service - is a software that runs in the cloud, e.g. nova-api
  • containers - is a container that runs in the cloud, e.g. neutron-api
  • nodes - nodes that host the cloud, e.g. a hardware server with a hostname

Human API

Human API is used to specify faults as normal English sentences.

import os_faults
cloud_management = os_faults.connect(config_filename='os-faults.yaml')
os_faults.human_api(cloud_management, 'restart keystone service')

Service-oriented command performs specified action against service on all, on one random node or on the node specified by FQDN:

<action> <service> service [on (random|one|single|<fqdn> node[s])]
  • Restart Keystone service - restarts Keystone service on all nodes.
  • kill nova-api service on one node - restarts Nova API on one randomly-picked node.

Node-oriented command performs specified action on node specified by FQDN or set of service’s nodes:

<action> [random|one|single|<fqdn>] node[s] [with <service> service]
  • Reboot one node with mysql - reboots one random node with MySQL.
  • Reset node-2.domain.tld node - reset node node-2.domain.tld.

Network-oriented command is a subset of node-oriented and performs network management operation on selected nodes:

<action> <network> network on [random|one|single|<fqdn>] node[s]
    [with <service> service]
  • Disconnect management network on nodes with rabbitmq service - shuts down management network interface on all nodes where rabbitmq runs.
  • Connect storage network on node-1.domain.tld node - enables storage network interface on node-1.domain.tld.

Extended API

1. Service actions

Get a service and restart it:

cloud_management = os_faults.connect(cloud_config)
service = cloud_management.get_service(name='glance-api')
Available actions:
  • start - start Service
  • terminate - terminate Service gracefully
  • restart - restart Service
  • kill - terminate Service abruptly
  • unplug - unplug Service out of network
  • plug - plug Service into network

2. Container actions

Get a container and restart it:

cloud_management = os_faults.connect(cloud_config)
container = cloud_management.get_container(name='neutron_api')
Available actions:
  • start - start Container
  • terminate - terminate Container gracefully
  • restart - restart Container

3. Node actions

Get all nodes in the cloud and reboot them:

nodes = cloud_management.get_nodes()
Available actions:
  • reboot - reboot all nodes gracefully
  • poweroff - power off all nodes abruptly
  • reset - reset (cold restart) all nodes
  • disconnect - disable network with the specified name on all nodes
  • connect - enable network with the specified name on all nodes

4. Operate with nodes

Get all nodes where a service runs, pick one of them and reset:

nodes = service.get_nodes()
one = nodes.pick()

Get nodes where l3-agent runs and disable the management network on them:

fqdns = neutron.l3_agent_list_hosting_router(router_id)
nodes = cloud_management.get_nodes(fqdns=fqdns)

5. Operate with services

Restart a service on a single node:

service = cloud_management.get_service(name='keystone')
nodes = service.get_nodes().pick()