• Add a job to mirror the code from OpenDev to Github
  • Split requirements for py27 and >py36


  • Update project links and package metadata
  • Update jsonschema according to requirements


  • Document how to use libvirt driver
  • Fix reboot command
  • Remove oom method since it has never been implemented
  • Fix representation of signal.SIG* constants


  • Re-implement network faults using standard iptables module
  • Update constraints handling


  • Fix service discovery
  • Fix devstack and py27 jobs
  • Update repo address in readme file
  • OpenDev Migration Patch


  • Declare support of python 3.7
  • add python 3.7 unit test job
  • Unpin pytest and its plugins
  • Fix key management in devstack job
  • Add DevStack plugin


  • Use bindep to specify binary dependencies
  • Update hacking version
  • Add integration test for devstack cloud management driver
  • Tests cleanup
  • Rename `tcpcloud` driver into `saltcloud`
  • Unify auth parameters between drivers
  • Specify auth parameters in devstack tests
  • Remove deprecated methods
  • Simplify universal driver
  • Modify integration tests job to run on DevStack
  • Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss
  • Remove old drivers
  • Do not link with Ansible code
  • Fix README markup
  • Optimizing the safety of the http link site in HACKING.rst
  • Move Zuul jobs from global project-config to the repo


  • Specify webhook id for documentation build
  • Update containers documentation
  • Add docker containers support
  • Typo fix in universal driver documantation
  • fix tox python3 overrides
  • Replaces yaml.load() with yaml.safe_load()
  • Zuul: Remove project name
  • Add section describing OS-Faults and Rally integration
  • Update documentation and examples


  • Add integration job for Zuul
  • Fix custom module support in Ansible 2.4
  • Add glance-glare service to the tcpdriver


  • Fix for Ansible >= 2.4.0
  • Add logging into human API call
  • Universal cloud management driver
  • Universal driver for any system services (systemd, upstart, etc.)


  • Upper constraint ansible to fix library
  • Move all service drivers under services/ package
  • Refactor services module
  • Make privilege escalation password configurable
  • Group drivers modules by type
  • Fix process name patterns in DevStack driver
  • Implement stress injection


  • Add Devstack Systemd driver
  • Switch from oslosphinx to openstackdocstheme


  • [trivial] Several typos fix in tcpcloud driver
  • [trivial] Several typo fixes in devstack driver
  • Skip checking of Devstack hosts


  • Auth configuration for each node
  • Allow adding libvirt name for node
  • Add serial parameter to cloud drivers
  • [docs] Add documentation for config file
  • [CLI] Add os-faults discover command
  • [Core] Predefined ips for services in config
  • [Core] Allow adding services in config
  • [Core] Services as drivers
  • Add ‘slave_direct_ssh’ parameter to fuel driver


  • Bump ansible version
  • Add ConnectTimeout=60 to default ssh args
  • Allow binding BMC by node fqdn in ipmi driver
  • Add shutdown method to all power drivers
  • Update requirements
  • Add monitoring services to tcpcloud driver
  • Load modules before creating ansible playbook


  • Remove brackets from Service.GREP variables
  • Add password auth to devstack and tcpcloud
  • Add docs for drivers
  • [tcpcloud] Additional configuration parameters
  • Allow usage of multiple power drivers at once
  • Add node_list driver
  • Use filter in get_nodes


  • Add ironic services to devstack driver
  • Support for multi-node devstack
  • Add neutron services to tcpcloud driver
  • Allow filtering of node collection
  • Skip monitoring nodes in TcpCloud


  • New configuration parameters for TCPCloud driver
  • Add glance-registry and cinder-backup to TcpCloud driver
  • Add missing Nova serices to TcpCloud driver
  • Search all nodes except master on TcpCloud driver
  • Add Swift services to Fuel driver
  • Add Cinder and Glance services to Fuel driver
  • Add Nova services to fuel driver
  • Add destroy before revert when using libvirt driver


  • Add neutron agents to Fuel driver
  • Add neutron-server
  • Add snapshot and revert to libvirt driver


  • Extend tcpcloud configuration
  • Add start/terminate for all services
  • Fix ssh to slave nodes
  • Ironic service for Fuel driver


  • Revert “Change requirement link to sphinxcontrib-programoutput”


  • horizon and cinder-volume service for TCPCloud and Fuel
  • Change requirement link to sphinxcontrib-programoutput
  • Add Cinder services to TCPCloud and Fuel drivers


  • Add Services to TCPCloud driver
  • Add devstack services
  • Support TCPCloud platform
  • Add restart command for Fuel MySQL service
  • Add support of standard operators to NodeCollection
  • Add NodeCollection.get_fqdns method
  • Fix RESTART_CMD for Fuel services
  • Fix result logs in AnsibleRunner.execute
  • Improve logging
  • Fixed link to launchpad in docs
  • Fix readthedocs build
  • Move services to common module and reuse them in libvirt driver


  • Fix AnsibleRunner.execute
  • Return result from NodeCollection.run_task
  • Fix release notes build for readthedocs


  • Allow to run custom ansible modules on NodeCollection
  • Fix docs build for readthedocs